10 Reasons To Convert Your Newsletter To PDF

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This post actually shows two (2) different marketing tools you can use in your business.

1. The benefits of converting your newsletter to PDF.

2. How to write articles and have others print them in their publications, leading to more traffic to your site! I will explain more about how that works in tomorrow’s blog post.

Here we go!

10 Reasons to convert your newsletter to PDF format.

Offering your newsletter in PDF format can increase readership, the amount of time your newsletter stays on your client’s desktop, visits to your web site and your income. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which allows all computer users to read your documents.

Many well-known authors and companies now offer their newsletters to PDF format. Here are some of their reasons for doing so.

1. Readers can easily save your newsletter to their desktop for future reference. A PDF newsletter saved on the desktop is not so easily forgotten and allows people to read your newsletter wherever they are, at any time. Even in the future. This means your readers may open the newsletter, run out of time to finish it, but still be able to make a mental note to come back and reread articles or complete the newsletter at a later date when the reader as more time. As with all of the reasons listed below, the real goal of a PDF based newsletter is to bring more sales for you, today and in the future.

2. Readers who enjoy your newsletter can easily pass it to their friends and associates. Best of all at no additional cost to you.

3. If you create the document correctly, you can reduce the chances of your e-mail being deleted by spam filter programs.

4. If you create the document correctly, you can reduce the chances of your e-mail address being tagged as a spammer by spam filter programs.

5. You can easily include images in your PDF newsletter. This is excellent for those who will read it offline.

6. You can add information from other programs to your newsletter, such as a spreadsheet. Now you can back up your statements with facts and pictures.

7. You can stop worrying if Mac users can read your newsletters and additional documents. They can!

8. You can easily put your newsletter on a CD, DVD or other media to distribute.

9. You can easily send your newsletter attached in an e-mail.

10. PDF documents reduce the possibility of having a virus attached to the document.

11. PDF based newsletters have a professional look when printed. They do not include headers, web site titles and other items that are included when you print a newsletter from a web site.

12. It is easy to archive and save all your PDF newsletters on your web site for future viewing by clients for additional sales long after you write your newsletters. Even if you do still offer your newsletter as an HTML or e-mail based document.

13. You can even password protect a PDF document if you only want it to go to those who have paid for it or those who have subscribed to your service.

The bottom line is that converting your documents to PDF allows you to get additional value out of your hard earned, all important advertising efforts and dollars.

At this point you may be wondering if it is a lot of work to convert a newsletter to PDF format and if you need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive software. To assist you, I’ve written a white paper with inexpensive solutions to this business need. In the PDF white-paper, I outline sources of inexpensive PDF creator software and additional resources and tips for creating a professional, well read newsletter.

Just visit http://www.howtobuildapdf.com to learn more!

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