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Dear Extra Income Seeker:

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Let’ start out with why you would want to join me. So, what are the benefits of selling my books?

  • You get great products to share and sell
  • You sell great products with high profit margins
  • You have the opportunity to sell more than one product to each client
  • You have the opportunity to sell products that offer residual income
    • So the customer is billed every month for the product or service and you earn a commission every month!
    • You can join me for coaching and training by me, John Davin and select professionals

What will you sell?

  • My books which show people how to:
    • Use Internet marketing tools to sell their own products
      • Like Webinars, Videos, E-mail Responders, Blogs, Newsletters and more
      • Marketing tools that pay residual income
        • Like Webinar software , Newsletter Software, Video Software and more

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Step #1

TIP: The real money is in your mailing list! Give away one of my books for 100% free in exchange for their e-mail address, then send them offers for years into the future. Be sure to use a software program like Aweber to manage your mailing list and to contact your subscribers with tips and tricks (and product offers). You can sign up here! Visit Aweber at:

The next e-mail will tell you more about what you will be selling, and how to sell it!

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

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