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Join John Davin's Affiliate ProgramDo you enjoy helping people with their businesses and earning income at the same time?

Then join my team!

I have a series of books and videos that I sell and offer you income when you sell them.

My  affiliates earn income sharing my books and e-courses on topics such as as marketing with Webinars, e-mail Based Newsletters, Blogs, Videos, Web Sites, and many more tools that help businesses achieve their goals!

Just sign up here!

More are on the way, but you can start with these books!

If you like sharing marketing and communications tools, you can join me and become an affiliate of  Talk Fusion and earn income when you share these  marketing tools with your friends and business associates. If you are on my team, I will even allow you to put your links in the books for your Talk Fusion ID, so you can sell the book with your links in it!

The books I offer to you to hand out for free are:

“How To Build A (Video) Newsletter”
by John Davin

To Create Video Newsletters To Market Your Business

Click here to get the book and to see if you would like to give it away to your clients, with your affiliate link in it!

“How To Build A Webinar,”
by John DavinHow To Give Professional, Income Generating WebinarsClick here to get the book!

Please check back often, we’ll be adding more items you can sell with us!

John Davin

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