Article Writing Generates Surprise Leads

Lead Generating Tip: Surprise!

Do you like being surprised with new leads? Try writing articles!

Do you like surprises? Especially business leads that you did not expect? If so, try writing articles and posting them on your site and other web sites, as well as in industry related e-zines.

Many businesses have found writing articles is an inexpensive way to drive targeted traffic to your web site or blog. But the real key to success is knowing where to place the articles once you have them completed.

Here are the 4 main places to post your articles. I’ll be adding more article submission sites to the business resources directory at

Now, here are the places to submit your articles.

1. Place your articles on your own blog or web site.

Placing regular, quality articles on your own web site or blog will help keep readers coming back over and over. It takes time to build trust and relationships until they become paying customers.

In addition, consistent, quality articles on your blog or web site will also help you rank higher in the search engines, resulting in additional traffic and sales. Be sure to add a good description of the post as well as adding good key words in the post with the search engines in mind.

2. Place your articles in other people’s blogs or web sites.

The owners of blogs and web sites are always looking for good, related content for their sites. It provides content for them and you an opportunity to show off your knowledge.

In addition, be sure to include a tag line at the bottom of the article telling about you and providing a link back to your web site. Again, this is good for building your reputation and as important, links on other sites to your site builds your search engine ranking for more traffic and sales.

3. Place your articles in  related electronic newsletters (e-zines).

Of course there dozens of sites to submit your articles, but I advise you to simply start with one site,, and then submit them to additional sites after you see which types of articles work for you.

You can find e-zines for just about any topic, including yours. Most will accept your articles for free, so your main goal is to find related, targeted e-zines, and get your articles in them.

I still make sales of my products and services from articles I wrote years back, which are on other people’s web sites, blogs and e-zines. Trust me, this plan works, if you work it.

Here is one example of an article I wrote years ago which still pulls leads to my site: Just go to (yes, the #1 search engine) and type in “10+ reasons to convert your newsletter to PDF” and you’ll see the article on sites I did not even submit to!

Again, I would start by submitting articles to and move forward from there.

4. Use your articles to create a free report or free e-book to build your mailing list.

If you write well enough on a good topic, you might even be able to sell the report or e-book. Building your mailing list should be your main priority for your business, so you can market to your prospects over and over, for years into the future. It is much less expensive to sell to current clients than it is to find new clients. Be sure to include reviews of related products in your e-book, along with links on where they can purchase them to earn income for you!

Visit my web site to find a list of places to submit your articles for submission in e-zines and blogs. I’ll also show you where to download a free software tool to help you save time and effort writing your articles.

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