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“Video Newsletters are a great way to generate sales through the Internet, educating and keeping
customers informed before during and after the sale!”

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A video based newsletter is like having your very own newsletter, but you don’t have to

1. Print the newsletter
2. Pay for postage to send the newsletter
3. Spend a ton of money on expensive publishing software
4. Spend a ton of money on an expensive desktop publisher

But you can attach videos, articles, pictures and more to your newsletter, and send it out by e-mail!

Video based newsletters are a key part of any marketing campaign for these reasons

1. You choose one of our 200+ templates
2. You add your logo, pictures, articles and videos
3. You use our online address book to choose the names of the people to send to
4. You click on send and our system sends out your video newsletter effortlessly (for you)
5. The video based newsletters sell for you on auto pilot, 24/hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year!

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