Book: Online Training: How to train online and earn income from your home”


Injust 2 Hours Per Day,
You Can Tutor People From
Home To Earn Cash$!

It’s Simple To Work From Home With Webinar Software –
To Help
People And Change Your Life.

I’ve done it, you can too!
I meet with people virtually in a Webinar Room to

them, and charge them by the hour!


Dear Friend,

I was worried whether people would pay me for my knowlege,
but I found as long as I can educate people or show them
how to complete a task, they are willing to pay me for
my knowledge. Especially if they can:

1. Hear my voice and get to know and trust me

2. See my desktop and how I
actually complte the task

3. Ask me questions before, during or after the session

4. Record the training for review at a later date

Actually, I’ve always
been sort of shy, but I like computers and the Internet
so much that when I had learned how to create web sites,
and people kept asking me to help them build theirs, I
knew I had an easy way to make extra income, and I just
decided to go for it.

I helped people one-on-one
in my home town, but then other people from other cities
wanted help, and I knew I had a good way to make money
on my hands. Mainly because I had been using desktop sharing
tools in my Webinars to talk to people and share my desktop
for selling things. I knew I could use that same software
to train people from all over the country, easily.

‘m going to be frank with you here. Most people don’t
get paid for doing what they love because of fear and
time commitments. Even though we have 24 hours a day,
we usually don’t have time to get to do the things that
are really important and that includes helping people
and making money. Once I got over my fear, I found I could
do both!

I discovered that it
is totally possible with the Internet asl long as they
can see whatever is on my computer at my home or office.
And best part is, it only takes 2-3 hours per day, a few
days a week to achieve it! 

Don’t You Wish That You Could Get

$15, $25 or $100 per hour, In No Time?

What other ways do you have to make
extra income from your home?

I know it is hard for
you to believe that training through the Internet and
making money is possible at this moment. It is indeed
incredible to be able to stay home and in such little
time… and make money… not to mention help people sharing
our knowledge and perhaps our interests/hobbies.

subheading to introduce the solution that is your product]

But that is until you discover

Online Training: How


your product to be the solution to your prospect’s problem.
Why is it the solution? Explain how much time and effort
it took you to find this perfect solution that will benefit

Elearning Profits Exposed is able to
help you make money quickly after battling with making money
for such a long time because it makes it easy to meet with
people from all over the world, share your knowledge, and
get paid. and it also allows you to:

  • Sell related products and services
  • Record the training sessions and
    sell the recordings
  • Expand
    to group training to double or triple your hourly income
  • Among many, many other profit centers

It took me a few years to finally discover
the solution and I want to cut short your time of searching
for a way to make money and share your knowledge.  

Now, you will have the answer to working
from home, earning income, and sharing your knowledge and

is how Webinar software

will fix your problem…

Want to make money by training people
(share your knowledge) with people all over the globe,
your living room or office?

This software allows you to:

  • Share your videos
  • Share your pictures
  • Share your desktop
  • Share your Web Site Browser
  • Share your Power Point
    (TM) presentations
  • Share your software on
    your computer
  • Record
    it all, let it sell for you 24 hours per day,
    365 days per year.



your customer testimonials. If you have testimonials by
experts in the field, you should include them at the very
top. Do use a strong quote from each of the testimonials
as the headline in the testimonial box. Also, it’s best
that it is accompanied by a picture and where the person
is from. Audio and video testimonials are also great to
enhance the credibility.]



I’m ready to

start training from home today!”

I have a ton of things I’d like to share about
passion – health topics, and this information
shows me how to get paid to do it!



Zisa Bader Henderson

Wildwood, MO

You Can Be Like
Them Too! 

Here are the benefits
of using this information to train from home

  • Help people
  • Earn income
  • Work from home
  • Set your own hours
  • Work with people you like
  • Talk about a skill or specialty
  • Share a hobby, passion
    or interest
  • Learn how to make more
    money with practice
  • Save expense traveling
    to work and from work
  • Save time traveling to
    work and from work
    Is that not enough reason to get this information?




I’m so confident this will
work for you that I’m willing to make the following guarantee…

If you don’t believe me
that with only 2 hours a day within 90 days, or  if
for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with my product,
all you have to do is contact me and ask for a refund, and
I’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

But That’s Not

bonuses here. A lot of people are enticed to purchase the
product when they see the bonus(es). This could help boost
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the value of your product. They should compliment your main
offer and not undermine it.] 

Look. I really want you
to get your hands on  <PRODUCT NAME> because
I know how it can _________________, ______________ and
_____________ for you. The best way for me to make your
decision an easier one today is by making it worth your
time and investment. So here’s what I’ve done to increase
the value of this product and create some bonuses that will
help you __________________ further.

<Insert Bonus 1:

[Insert description of
bonus plus 5 bullet points]

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3
  • Point 4
  • Point 5



<Insert Bonus 2:

[give description of
bonus plus 5-6 quick bullet points]

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3
  • Point 4
  • Point 5



price are you willing to pay to _________________?

This product will help
you __________________  now. 

When you take a look at
what you’ll be getting al together, you can see how easy
it will be for me to ask for <higher price here>. 

But I like to over-deliver.
It’s good for my reputation. That’s why I’ve decided to
keep it at just  <insert actual price here>.


Compare this to learning
this information on your own.  How much would that
cost you as compared to what you are getting here today!
And would you really learn all the nitty gritty details
I’ll share with you?

Example: I provide a
section called

“Going to the next level!

How to use individual training as a launch

pad for bigger things and additional

reveal 10 ways to make more money. I will also invite you
to a 1 hour Webinar on how to use the technology.

So if you want to meet me and see how the technology works,
grab your copy now.

With just _______ copies
to be sold, you will want get your copy today!



To your success,

John Davin


BONUS: If you order today, I’ll invite you to a special
one (1) hour Webinar showing you how to use this technology.

P.S. You’ve got absolutely
nothing to lose! With my 30 day guarantee, this investment
is completely risk-free! And when you consider the bonuses
that come along, it’s a no-brainer! So get
it now while the copies run out!

P.P.S. Do you really want to pass off this opportunity of
working from home and teaching people to make money. Once
you get your hands on Elearning Profits Forumula, you’re
bound to thank me! Only 100 copies of the bonus copies to
be included so get it now!

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