Branded Videos Sell!

How do branded videos help you generate more sales?

Let’s start at the very beginning.

What is a branded video?

A branded video is a video that plays through the Internet, then leads the visitor right to your sales page where the visitor can complete the sale. This dramatically increases the probability that the viewer will purchase your products or services at the end of the video.

Is video branding work just for your videos?

Branded videos not only help you to sell your products and services with your own videos, but they allow you to sell and earn income with other people’s videos promoting products and services.

How do you build a branded video?

The first thing you need to do is build the video. Here are two options for you.

1.  You can create your video in a Webinar room by simply recording the meeting. I use a program called AudioVideoConference

2. Or you can record your video with a program such as Camtasia.

Now you must brand the video. The ability to brand your video is built directly into many software packages, such as Camtasia. However other programs will not offer this feature. Basically all you are doing is telling the software where to take the visitor after the viewer is done watching the video.

What types of businesses can you apply these branded videos to earn money?

Here are examples of how you can use videos to make sales.

Example #1.

If you are selling your own product or you are an affiliate (reseller) of a product or service, you can create your own video explaining the benefits of the product or service, and you then add your affiliate link (URL) to the end of the video.

This way, when the video is complete, the viewer is taken to the website where they buy the product or service, and you earn credit for the sale. Your next job is to place the video on a variety of places on the Internet, such as

1. Your web site
2. Youtube – or other video or social web sites

Example #2.

If you are an affiliate or reseller of a service with an affiliate program and a video from corporate is available, you can add your affiliate ID to the end of the of the video and place it on a variety of places on the Internet, such as

1. Your web site
2. Youtube – or other video or social
web sites

The important thing to remember here is getting more videos out there telling your story will generate  more sales.

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

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