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The Online Tutoring Manual: How to tutor online and get paid!

The Online Tutoring Manual,” by John Davin

Learn HowTo Tutor Online From The Convenience Of Your Home To Earn Earn Cash

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NOTE: I will be updating the book with tips on how to use Moonlighting to accept payment for your tutoring through your phone easily and inexpensively.

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Links To The Best Marketing Tools

These Tools Can Be Making Money For You!

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These Tools Can Be Making Money For You!

It’s easy when we work together!

So, what is the main goal of your Webinar? Usually the goal is to CLOSE THE SALE! What’s the best way to do that at the end of the Webinar? Let me show you!

At the end of the Webinar, take the customer RIGHT TO YOUR ORDER PAGE FOR YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES, and ask the questions.

1. Do you have any questions at this time?
2. Is there any reason you would not buy this product or service right now?

If they have any questions, now is a great time to answer them. Especially since you are at your computer and have access to all the information you need, right at your fingertips!

You have access to your records on your computer.

  • You have access to your software on your computer.
  • You have access to the Internet to look at your web site for details.
  • You have access to a phone to call whoever you need to call.

Best of all, you have tools at your disposal to close the sale, through your Webinar room!

  • You have access to your company web site, and can share it.
  • You have access to other web sites for the answers, and can share it.
  • You have access to your Power Point Presentations, can can share them.
  • You have access to company videos and can share them.You can even show the customer how to complete the order.Webinars make selling easy, yes?Then get started today!

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

Free Webinar Checklist

Free Checklist:  How To Build (Give) A Webinar:

What to do before, during and after your next webinar to have maximum success.

Read the instructions below on how to get this checklist for free!book_cover_webinar

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Let’s start with the basics.

A Webinar is a virtual conference room, where you can meet with one or hundreds of people, to chat, share web sites, videos, presentations and more, and record the entire event to share over and over for years into the future, so it can sell for you 24/7 on autopilot!

A Webinar is a powerful sales and training tool because it allows you to enter a virtual conference room and:

Talk (in your voice)
Share Pictures
Share Web Sites
Share Videos
Share Power Point(TM) Presentations
You can even share any application on your computer, such as Excel, Word, etc.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Webinars:

You can invite and meet with people across town or the globe
You save the cost of travel, for you and those who attend your Webinar
You can build your mailing list with Webinars and use some of the software
You can share all the software on your computer as well as videos, presentations and documents
You can record your Webinar and then place it on Youtube, your blog, or even a CD for distribution

– See more at:

PS: Want to learn more?
Read this free checklist of the things to do before, during and after your webinar!

It’s free! All you have to do is share it!

Thank you!

PS: If you would like to buy my book, “How To Build A Webinar”, just grab it below!

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simply-book-me-main_logoWould you like help setting up any of the tools listed below?

* Banners
* Web/Blog Sites
* Fliers/Brochures

I’d love to help you create these items while you watch my screen in a webinar room. I make it easy! I can teach you while you watch or I will do the work for you.

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John Davin

Free Checklist: Training Videos For Setting Up Aweber

Problem:   I hear over and over that people know they need to build a mailing list but they do not get it done!
Solution:   Grab my free list of the videos to watch to set up your Aweber account and watch them! The videos are short and you can watch them all at one time or one each day. Then act!

Ok Ok Ok. You want to build a mailing list so that you can educate your prospects about you, your company, your products and services and generate more sales. You also want to tell people about one time offers such as coupons and discounts to help them save money.

The solution is an e-mail responder / newsletter system like Aweber.

If you think it’s too hard to set up all in one day, take your time to watch the short videos and just take it one step at a time!

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Video: Using Signature Files In Your E-Mails


Here’s a nice tip and a simple way to let people know what you do with very little effort on your part.

It’s called the signature file.

Watch this video to learn all about them

I’ve also included a PDF for you to read as well.
Download the PDF document now!

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

New Book – The “Online Tutoring Manual”

Hey everyone.

I just finished my latest book, which will teach you how to earn income, working from the convenience of your home, teaching whatever you know.

The book is called “The Online Tutoring Manual,” and you can learn more about it at

Here’s a picture of the book.

If you’d like to share it with your friends and business associates, you can simply click on the Affiliate Link and start earning income today!

Why did I write this book? Well, it seems that we all have something we want to learn, and we all have something we know how to do better than anyone else. The main problem has always been, now do we get the people who need to learn in touch with the people who already have the knowledge, and do it in a cost effective, convenient way?

Now that we have Webinar Technology, we have that tool to make it effective and convenient!

Here is the introduction in the book, please take a look and see if you would like to earn income yourself, working from home, through the Internet.


Welcome! My goals for this book are to help you understand why people will pay you to share your knowledge with them, and how you set up the tools to make it possible for you to make money working from the convenience of your home or office, while the student is at their home or office. This book will also help you decide your best options for what topics you will teach. Finally, it will show you how you can teach using desktop sharing in a virtual teaching room (Webinar Room).

I will also give you encouragement to keep an open mind to expanding the services you offer in the future, as well as the expectation of expanding your income potential after you have more experience and are actually generating income. The fact is, you could earn as little as $15, to $20, $50, $75 or more per hour just to get started and turn that into hundreds of dollars per hour once you learn the tricks of the trade.

To help you see results, I will help you stay focused on one-on-one tutoring in the beginning to develop your skills, teaching materials and confidence, but encourage you to be thinking of how you could just as easily earn double or triple your income by having many people in the virtual classroom (Webinar Room) at a time, from your home (through the Internet), and how you could sell products in your training sessions, or turn your tutoring into videos you can sell, as well as your class outlines and information as an e-book to sell on Amazon. And that’s just a start of the many ways you can make money on the Internet if you know about Webinar technology.

Yes, these are exciting times to share your knowledge for sure!


That’s it. As I said, you can buy the book or sign up to be an affiliate and earn income. Either way, I believe it is a helpful book for anyone who wants to know more about Webinar technology and online training!
My best business ideas to you,
John Davin