Do you need a Blog Or a Web Site?

Topic:  Which is better, a Web Site or a Blog?

Do I need a blog or a web site or both?


Where we’ve been:

I’ve shown you where to find free business plans, and even how to get free business help from Score and the SBA (Small Business Administration).

And I’ll keep sending you information on business plans and business planning.

Where we’re going:

But I’d also like to start sending you information on ways to market your business. And as my passion is Marketing through technology, so we’ll be talking about Web Sites, Blogs, Electronic Newsletters, Videos, Podcasts, Webinars and more.

Let’s start with Web Sites and Blogs.

So you want to generate more sales on the Internet, and you’re asking how you get started, and what tools to use. One person tells you to build a Web Site and another says to build a Blog. Let’s talk about that.

Let’s start with the benefits of a Web Site. Keep in mind you may not need every one of these options, but a web site or blog is a necessity for almost every business today.

A Web Site will:

  • Allow you to expand your geographic sales area (possibly worldwide).
  • Allow you to avoid the cost of a new physical business location to expand.
  • Allow you to decrease the cost of distributing product information.
  • Allow you to make more sales with less effort on your part.
  • Allow you to offer better product information to prospects.
  • Allow you to decrease the cost of distributing product information.
  • Allow you to distribute business documents and manuals inexpensively
  • Allow you to request and receive feedback on your business.
  • Allow you to offer better before and after the sale support.
  • Allow you to reduce the cost of your sales force.
  • Allow you to drop ship products and services from your “Electronic Warehouse

And so much more. Now, a Blog can do much of this as well. So what is the difference between Blog and a Web Site? Let’s talk specifics.

What is a Web Site?

A Web Site is simply your location (e.g. on the Internet where you promote your products and services, accept payments for your products and services, provide support after the  sales, build a mailing list and then market additional products and services through the use of your mailing list that you’ve built.

What is a Blog Site?

A Blog is similar to an online journal. You are simply adding new bits of news or your thoughts to the Blog like you would add events or ideas to a personal journal. The main difference over a personal diary is that with a Blog, you could potentially have hundreds, thousands or more people regularly reading your Blog, interested in what you have to say.

A blog is great for offering reviews or news about products, services or an industry, to generate credibility. Most importantly, a Blog helps you to easily make new contacts which can then generate sales either on your blog or on your Web Site if you have a Web Site. A Blog can also help you build your mailing list so you can then also market to that list to generate sales.

Actually, many people now use Blogging software to create their web sites, and that may be an option for you. WordPress is a FREE, powerful software package that offers many benefits.

  • The software is free (you’ll need a good host that offers it).
  • Authors have created many themes (free/paid layouts) so you can change the look of a blog quickly and easily.
  • Authors have created many plugins (free/paid software that goes with WordPress) to help with hundreds of tasks.

A few of the ways plugins help:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • Feedback from readers.
  • Accepting sales.
  • Accepting donations
  • Adding Adsense code to the site to generate income from ads.

And so much more! You can find a list of plugins in my free book.

So, which do you need, or do you need both?

That depends on you! Perhaps you need both!

The best way to find out is to read my free book on “How To Build A Web Site”, look at other Blogs and Web Sites on the Internet, and you’ll know what you need to market your business effectively and efficiently.

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Grab this Free book now!

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My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

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