Free Checklist: Training Videos For Setting Up Aweber

Problem:   I hear over and over that people know they need to build a mailing list but they do not get it done!
Solution:   Grab my free list of the videos to watch to set up your Aweber account and watch them! The videos are short and you can watch them all at one time or one each day. Then act!

Ok Ok Ok. You want to build a mailing list so that you can educate your prospects about you, your company, your products and services and generate more sales. You also want to tell people about one time offers such as coupons and discounts to help them save money.

The solution is an e-mail responder / newsletter system like Aweber.

If you think it’s too hard to set up all in one day, take your time to watch the short videos and just take it one step at a time!

Just click on Tools, then here to download the list!!

Here we go!!!
Just send an e-mail to


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