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I love to help people use computers, the Internet, and specifically tools that help you build your business with Logos, Blogs, Social Media, Web Sites, E-Books, Podcasts and more.

I share things like sources of images, software, and other experts who can help you. Some resources are free, some are paid.

I also share trial offers, and special discounts from my contacts and associates. Now you can take advantage of my 30 years of helping people make the most of their computers!

30 Minutes Of My Time Free To Set Up Your e-mail Based Newsletter With Your New Aweber Account.

Aweber is a software program you use to collect e-mail addresses, and then send out newsletters to market your business via e-mail.

We will meet in a webinar room and you can watch me as we create your e-mail based newsletter campaign! This time may be with one of my assistants depending on my schedule but we will help you!

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John has helped me in so many ways with my web site, blog, Facebook page and more. He is very knowledgeable, and patient, with someone like me, who does not know too much about Internet marketing. I am very thankful I have my "Web Tools Guy!" He has helped me increase my client base and my income, as well as staying very organized. Thank you so much John!
Zisa Bader HendersonWellness Coach
John has walked me through my den of lions regarding the computer and using it to grow my business. His patient and straight forward ways of explaining tools I needed for growth has changed my interpretation of that lion den!
It is no longer intimidating to grow my personal business with technology. Thank you John for taming those lions! John Davin showed me in less than a month how to totally update my business and website using technology and professionalism. His straight forward and patient ways definitely updated my business and made me feel confident to use this technology. Thank you John.
Verna HopkinsWellness Coach
John has helped me with Web Sites, Logos, Banners and more. He's a great source of tools for business too!
Rock JolllyBusiness Consultant

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