How to create your letterhead: Saving time and money by using your word processor

Today’s topic is about saving time, saving money and having more options with your letterhead by creating your letterhead on your computer. Simply by simply using your word processing software, and placing your logo in the header of a your documents. There are many reasons for doing this, which you can read after the video!

Watch the video now.


The reasons to create your letterhead on your computer:

1. You save time and money on developing and printing letterhead.
2. You can e-mail your letters without printing them.
3. You can fax your letters without printing them.
4. You can print on any color or quality of paper.
5. You can create a PDF copy of any document and share it with anyone more easily.
6. You can still important any spreadsheets, charts, Power Point Slides, etc. into the document.

Don’t forget you can also use templates to help you build your letterhead, to save time and money.
Just visit Microsoft or click on this link.

Give it a try, then let us know about any problems you have, and how well it works for you. If you have success, or already do this and have a tip to share with us, let us know how you use your letter head in your computer too, to save time or money or just make your life easier or more fun.

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

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