How to upload videos to video sharing sites

Success comes in steps. In marketing, these small steps that need to be taken over and over. But we all have limited time, so automation is the key to success, for both accomplishing these small steps and generating more sales.

For example, if you create articles, videos or podcasts and upload them to sites like youtube, Veoh, Metacafe, Dailymotion, it will take just a few minutes for each submission, but if you’re making videos on a regular basis, that time really adds up. If you have 4 videos per week to upload, and 15 sites to upload them to, at 2 minutes per site, you see the time adds up.

So the goal of this article will provide solutions if you need to create and upload videos to services like youtube.

So, what are your video uploading solutions?

1. Signing up for an online service that does it automatically.

2. Outsourcing to individuals or small companies.

Online Services:

A great option is to sign up with a company that offers this service. The service is usually automated through software either loaded on your computer or run from the Internet. Free services are great places to start, such as TubeMogul, but you may need more flexibility and power, so you may consider paid services. As with all services, the paid services charge fees because they usually offer more value. Such programs can be found at sites such as Video Upload Pro, Upload Video Pro and TubeMogul. One of the most powerful programs is Traffic Geyser. Another is PushButtonProfits. The PushButtonProfits software allows you to submit your Videos, Articles, Podcasts, and Press Releases all in one easy location.

As we said, most of these programs charge by the month for their services, but you can pay for the service for one month and review your results. Another better option is to see if they offer a trial period, say $1.00 for 30 days. At this time, PushButtonProfits offers a $1.00 trial period offer that you might want to utilize.


Next, outsourcing to an individual or company is a good option. You can request bids for the work being completed, or post what you will pay and review resumes. You can visit sites like or to find the right company or person. Just remember to never pay in full until work is completed and consider a legal contract, or placing the money in escrow until completed, or both!

Another interesting option:

Finally, while doing this research, I found another interesting option. It may not be for everyone, but submits your videos to 17 different video sites automatically AFTER it helps you create the videos. I say it may not be for everyone because their service takes text and images you enter into their web site, and converts it to a video complete with voice! So you basically type up what you want to say, choose a voice you like, add pictures and headlines where you want them, click a button, and the service creates a video for you, live with voice and pictures. The quality of the text to speech is actually quite good. The then service uploads the videos to 17 of the most popular vide sharing sites. This option is mainly for people who want to create “How to videos” or instructional and upload them to youtube and similar sites.
So now that you know your options for uploading videos to Video Sharing sites, go for it!

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