What is an Email Responder and why do you need one?

Let’s Get These Tools Set Up!
Automate Your Business With An Electronic Newsletter And Auto-Responder!

It will automate how you build our mailing list
and when you contact your leads and customers.


Want to automate your business with your own Electronic Newsletter? Let me tell you all about e-mail responders!

I will explain the basics here, but you should also download the free start-up guide by sharing this post on either Facebook, Twitter, Google + or your web site!


Let’s start at the beginning. First, what is an e-mail Responder?

The e-mail responder is simply a computer that waits 24 hours per day for people to request information from it. When information is requested (someone signs up for your newsletter or series of e-mails), the system then sends an e-mail or series of e-mails (that has already been written by you ahead of time) with the correct information to that person’s e-mail address – usually within one to two minutes, or less.

What is the goal of an e-mail responder?

The goal of a responder is to help you generate more sales, consistently, with less effort, by integrating automated e-mails and newsletters into your marketing campaign. Basically, you want to educate your readers about you, your company, your products, services and more, with as little effort and cost as possible. That’s why you use an e-mail responder for your marketing needs.

What type of information can be sent out in an e-mail responder?

The information sent out can be:

Your corporate newsletter
A special online version of you newsletter
An electronic product catalog
Product announcements
A used inventory list
Helpful tips
Other related news and special offers

Again, this is all sent out automatically and cost effectively through e-mail.

Where can you see an example of a Responder?

To see how an e-mail responder works, simply send e-mail to:

You will be subscribed to a newsletter talking about how to build a responder! It’s easy to unsubscribe, and we won’t share your e-mail address with anyone.

What types of business need a Responder?

Just about any business could use an e-mail responder.

Basically, anyone who wants to SAVE MONEY on advertising, AUTOMATE their marketing campaign, and EDUCATE their prospects about their company to GENERATE REPEAT SALES of products and services. This is why you need an e-mail responder.

What specific industries need an e-mail responder?

All businesses can use an e-mail responder in their business to more effectively market their businesses.

What tools you’ll need:

I will discuss different software tools to create your website e-mail responder and show you videos on how to use the software to create your e-mail responder.

Just sign up for my newsletter at the right side of the page and I’ll tell you how to access:

1. My white paper for how to build newsletter and e-mail responder
2. A cost estimate sheet for you to use for your business planning
3. Videos showing you how to use an e-mail responder

OPTIONS: Hiring someone to build your e-mail responder.

If you don’t have time to build your e-mail responder yourself, you certainly have many options. If you decide you’d rather find a company build your e-mail responder, request the information here and I will send you a link to their web sites.

If you want to do it yourself:

Sign up for the $1 trial at the link below. Then Watch the videos on how to build your web site e-mail responder. They will lead you to a series of very simple videos on how to build your own web site e-mail responder.

Remember, an e-mail responder is a huge benefit to any business and you can do this!

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

Just contact me here and let me know you want to start!

Or join one of these programs listed here under e-mail responders, then contact me with your order # and we’ll get started!

– One of the oldest, best known packages.  This is the package I use.
GetResponse – A very powerful program that is easy to use and highly recommended. Also can be bundled with excellent software for giving Webinars. It is one of the best packages on the market today.

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