John has helped me in so many ways with my web site, blog, Facebook page and more. He is very knowledgeable, and patient, with someone like me, who does not know too much about Internet marketing. I am very thankful I have my “Web Tools Guy!” He has helped me increase my client base and my income, as well as staying very organized. Thank you so much John!

Zisa Bader Henderson
Wellness Coach


John has walked me through my den of lions regarding the computer and using it to grow my business. His patient and straight forward ways of explaining tools I needed for growth has changed my interpretation of that lion den!

It is no longer intimidating to grow my personal business with technology. Thank you John for taming those lions! John Davin showed me in less than a month how to totally update my business and website using technology and professionalism. His straight forward and patient ways definitely updated my business and made me feel confident to use this technology. Thank you John.

Verna Hopkins
Wellness Coach

Listen to this testimonial:
Here is a thank you for just one tool that was discovered by a client in my latest book!

My New Office dot com has given me the ability to recruit across the country in several different states in the same day from the convenience of my own home, talking directly to my prospective recruits is just a keystroke away.

Now instead of all that traveling, and nights away from home, and spending more than 2 dollars a gallon for gas, I can show people a complete overview of my products and services as many times as I need to on a daily basis for less than a dollar a day! My new Office dot com also allows me to start working with new sales associates right away , and this allows the new person to grow their business immediately, and that’s what business is really all about!

Thanks soo much John, for such a cost effective, business building tool!

Jack Miller
Pre Paid Legal Services

It’s truly an amazing comprehensive list of all the points you’d need to cover in starting a business. If someone misses something, it’s not because it’s not included in your checklist.

Rosalind Gardner
Internet Marketing Coach

Through the e-book and checklist approach, John continues to update it with the latest tools. His passion for continual development of his products increases its value daily.

I am confident that you will find at least one new tool to help you improve your business from the checklist and his books.

Jonathan Jones

Provider of management consulting associated with Dale Carnegie – St. Louis for 11 years with a focus on executive leadership development; and management, process, and results alignment.

  A few of Mr. Jones clients: EDS General Motors, Southwestern Bell, and more.