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Stop beating your head against the wall! It’s not your fault. You are trying to sell with old, worn out marketing tools. Try selling with Webinars!

Webinars are the new and improved selling tools. Webinars just close more sales, faster with less effort, period. No matter what you are selling! Webinars sell easier simply because webinars allow you to tell your story, with words, pictures, and even videos. And you can sell to people across the globe almost as easily as across the street. And you can leverage your time and resources by giving your webinars in front of ten, or 100 or 1,000 people with the same effort you’re expending now, sharing the story with one person. Next, record that webinar, and use it to sell over and over on Facebook, your web site, and more!

But let’s slow down a bit. That was a lot of information, right? A lot of great ideas and you know from reading it you should be using Webinars to tell your story to sell faster and easier. And it is true, whether you are selling e-books, software, training, coaching or even physical products.

And that’s why I am here. I am here to offer you a class that will show you how to do it all.

I truly believe webinars are the greatest tool ever invented for selling!
Better than blog sites, better than videos.

Well, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words.
Then a video must be like 1,000 pictures.
And a webinar is like 1000 pictures. Or more!

• To start, you can show pictures in your webinars.
o Of your products
o Your building
o You, and more
• But better yet, you can play videos in your webinar too!
o You can play videos that
 Tell your story
 Offer testimonials, by you or others
 You created
 Someone else like corporate office
• You can talk live in your own voice in a webinar
• You can take people to websites
o To show them products or services
o To close the deal, make the sale, get the money!
• You can share a PowerPoint template, again one you created or one that someone else made.
Those are some of the functions of Webinar software. But more importantly, using webinars you can
Leverage your time

Tell your story to many at many people at one time!
You can have tens, or hundreds, or even more people in your webinar at one time. What does this mean to you? It means you have to tell the story just one time to reach all these people!

Record the meeting and let it sell over and over, 24/7
Then you can record the webinar and let it sell over and over for you on Youtube, your blog site or even as an evergreen webinar (a recorded webinar that seems to be live)
But don’t think every software program is the same or offers the same functions. I’ve been using computers since 1980 or so, and owned a retail computer store from 1981-2000 and have been showing people how to give webinars since that time, from the convenience of my home office. I’ve tried dozens of programs and I’ve finally found the one that does everything I need. And it does it with ease. The word I want to use is intuitive.

There are key, important elements of giving webinars and here they are.

Before the Webinar
You must have
• A simple way for people to register for the event.
• An attractive registration form that includes a picture of you and your logo
• A way to collect a fee for the Webinar (unless you are selling something in the Webinar!)
• A notification system to notify them before the event, through e-mail and SMS
• Too many people register but then forget to attend the Webinars, BUT NOT YOURS if you use the tools I show you
During The Webinar
You must have
• The ability to You have to have a way to contact them after the event to close the sale or make additional sales
After the webinar
• You must be able to access the e-mails of the people in the webinar so you can contact them.
o You can with this solution!

• Export the members to a list and import them into your auto-responder system (e-mail newsletter tool)

o You can with this solution!
• You must be able to tell if the audience is hot or cold on your content, during the event
• You must be able
o You can with this solution!
• to share your desktop during the presentation to show videos, the sales page
• You must have a professional look.
o Look at this registration page!
• Follow up with people]
• Record the event, let it sell for you over and over

It really is a no-brainer! For those of us who have been there before you!
How I will teach you:
• We will meet online for training
o Four times over the next month in fact
o That way you
 Can look over my shoulder
 Ask questions at the end of the webinar
 Finish your home work
• I will show you
o The most powerful and easiest webinar software available today
o How to quickly get paid for your webinar using the industry standard program Paypal
o How to quickly contact your attendees after the event by e-mail to sell them additional products and services over and over for years to come!

Ready? Great!

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PS: Classes are filling up fast!

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

PS: I look forward to meeting you in the training!

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