What is a blog?

by John Davin

What is a Blog?

A blog site is a type of specialized Web Site. Most blog sites are set up to be live journal for the owner to share with their readers.

If you remember from my other books, a Web Site is simply your location (e.g. www.yourwebsite.com) on the Internet where you display your products and services, educate your clients about you, your company, products and services, then sell your products and services, and provide support before, during and after the sale through the Internet.

As important, Web Sites (and Blogs) can also help you build a mailing list and so you can market additional products and services through the use of your mailing list you’ve built.

A Blog can do all of that but it can also function as a journal too, allowing you to quickly and easily share and discuss new ideas, new product reviews, press releases, new product releases, new product reviews, upcoming events, and any other item of interest, quickly and easily, with people locally or around the world.

Because a Blog site can do all of that, because the information changes more often than a normal Web Site, and because people can discuss the things you talk about in the Blog, your visitors will probably visit your site more often to help you to easily make new contacts, build credibility for you and your company, and make sales. You will also find Blogs help you create new friendships. A blog is a tremendously valuable tool for any company to offer.

Is it easy to build a Blog site? Well, there are many steps you will need to make to build your web site, and a few tools you will need to purchase along the way. Like

  • Choosing Web Site hosting
  • Finding the right domain name
  • Registering your a domain name
  • Installing the WordPress Blogging software
  • Creating your company logo and using it in your Blog
  • Finding the right theme (layout and images) for your Blog
  • Finding and installing the right plugins (time saving software tools)
  • Finding images to place in your posts
  • Creating categories for your posts

To mention a few things. But don’t worry, I’ll make the process easier for you, so here we go!

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