Your logo – what it can do for you!

“How to develop a professional, confidence inspiring, lead generating logo for any business. In less than 72 hours! Videos showing how to develop a video:

How to build your logo online in minutes!

Videos can help you learn faster!!!

Videos can help you learn faster!!!

Sources of logos

Software to create a logo

What can you do with your new logo?

Of course once you have your logo, you can do a great number of things with it. The first thing that comes to mind is to put it on your business card and letterhead, but let’s be a bit more creative with technology than that!

Print your letters directly from your PC.

Fax out letters directly from your computer.

Share the letterhead with other departments.

Save time and money on printing.

For example, I use standard technology like a word processor to write letters. However, I adapt the newest technology to make it more useful.

To start, I insert my logo into my word processor, add a tag line, my name, address and e-mail address, and use it as my letterhead! You can too.

Once I have done that, now I can can send a letter on my letterhead as a fax, or even attach it to an e-mail message.

I can can also print it out on my printer, choosing fun paper colors and crazy backgrounds for the fun people I work with and serious backgrounds and colors for those who are a bit more conservative.

I can even open a new division of my business with new employees in a matter of minutes, now that I can create my own letterhead (and business cards, etc.) on my computer.

What will your letterhead look like on your computer?

You can contact me and I’ll send you a template you can download for an example of what your letterhead could look like in your word processor on your computer. Then you can start printing your letterhead and your letters at the same time!

You simply edit the template in your word processor – to add your own address and images and more! This will download the template to your computer (Microsoft Word only) so you use it today, right now. You should download this document now if you want to:

-Save money on your letterhead.

-Fax your letters directly from your pc.

-Print only as many copies as you need today.

-Quickly and easily create forms on your letterhead.

-Print your letterhead on different color and quality of paper.

-Quickly and easily create new letterhead for new employees or divisions.

But how do you get your letterhead into the computer?

You can do this one of two ways. You can either scan in your logo yourself or have a professional computer person use the scanner to copy your logo for you. Or, with all the clipart and programs available on the Internet, you can create your own new logo!

Talking about new logos and addresses, if you’re tired of spending so much money on your letterhead, business cards, brochures and fliers every time you move, hire a new employee, or open a new division of your company, you need a better solution than an expensive printing company, But if you’re following me, that’s a mute point now, right? Create it yourself and save time and money!

Here is another fun office tip for you.

Direct Faxing From Your New Computer!

Now that you have your letterhead in your word processor, you can fax your letter directly from your computer. Just tell the software to print to the fax machine inside your pc, enter the recipient’s phone number, create a cover letter, and it’s gone!

Of course you can send the document through the Internet very inexpensively or wait until after 5:00 to save on long distance call, but the point is you save the cost of printing the fax to paper! And you have a record of the fax too boot. And you can bring it up a day or a week or a year later, edit it, and send it again, to the same person or a new person! Wow.

Most computer programs make it easy for you, even asking you to choose a fax cover you would like to use. The software has preprogrammed quotes and clipart (pictures) for you to use. Some of these are truly humorous and make the business transaction a bit easier.

Just choose the cover you wish to use, enter the subject for the fax, and away you (the fax) go! Now that you know how to fax directly from your computer, how many other things would you like to be able to print or fax from your computer? Check out these great ideas!

-Quotes to prospects.

-Invoices for existing customers.

-Purchases orders for your vendors.

-Statements to your customers to pay their bills.

-Homework assignments for your teacher at school.

Basically, anything you can create on your computer, you can fax from your computer. I’m even talking about spreadsheets, databases, and more.

Of course you there are so many more things to do, such as creating business cards, love letters, birthday cards, anniversary cards, and more.

Can you already see how fun this will be? Can you see how much time this will save you? How much more efficient you will be?

You have my best and warmest wishes for success.

Questions? Contact me!

Interested in setting up the Internet tools you need to make more money? Spend an hour with us and learn how!

Join us for our live, internet based seminars!

John Davin

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